Sales Systems, Limited Quality Assurance

Quality Inspection Services Quality. It’s an overriding theme in the everyday operation of Sales Systems, Limited Quality of product, quality of management, and quality of service put Sales Systems, Limited at the top of their field.

For over thirty years, Sales Systems’ experienced staff has distributed quality commercial and military fasteners to its customers. Facilities are equipped to accommodate Electronic Data Interchange procurement (EDI), “Just In Time” delivery (JIT), and bar coding

Quality products result from quality materials, and the longevity and safety of these products is owed in great measure to the integrity of the fasteners used in assembly. Sales Systems, Limited is proud to play an integral part in the distribution of superior products.

Once established as a quality fastener house, Sales Systems worked to distinguish themselves from the competition. To accomplish this goal, a building was added to the Portsmouth facility to house an impressive $500,000 laboratory for certified testing of fasteners. Through extensive mechanical, chemical, destructive and nondestructive testing, Sales Systems provides a value added service to its customers.

Quality control is the company creed. Fastener lots are tested for dimensional, mechanical, chemical and plating thickness. An environmentally controlled atmosphere in the laboratory insures precise test results.

Extensive testing and precise logging of results is an invaluable service. Records maintenance and lot code traceability are necessary in order to comply with the FASTENER QUALITY ACT, stating federally mandated guidelines for fastener quality. Always strict in its standards, Sales Systems, Limited’s quality control division is fully prepared for the regulations implementation

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